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Monday, December 31, 2012

More suburban goodness

Black-fronted Dotterel chick, Mildura

Had a great time on a morning walk this morning - all sorts of waterbirds; including the little fluff ball above - one of two.

...Yellow-billed Spoonbill feeding, and another glimpse of the Buff-banded Rail.

There also seems to be a continual stream of Dusky Moorhen babies. I'm wondering if there is something in the water…      maybe they just like big families.
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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog amanda. Had a quick look through yours - you'vr got some great shots there. I haven't been to Mildura for a few years, and don't remember the wetlands - are they new?

  2. He's so cute. Amazing place you have to walk there, especially since it sounds like you're not really too far out in the country. I had to visit Mr Google to find out where Mildura is (and now I know)...this blogging is teaching me more about geography than I ever learned in school! Thanks for sharing...and happy new year!!