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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our baby

Black-fronted Dotterel juvenile, Mildura

We've been watching our Black-fronted Dotterels intently all spring/summer and they have finally moved on I think. No sign of them yesterday. The wetland must be relatively healthy and have good food because the pair didn't move for weeks even after the eggs hatched from the same little 3m stretch of "shore".  Unfortunately, we only ended up with one chick but last time I saw it was when I took the photos above so hopefully it makes it!


  1. Lovely little bird! How neat that you have been "following' them!

  2. So sweet! I hope that the adorable little guy makes it. Lovely and scary at the same time to follow the progress I'm sure! I continue to watch the progress of the eaglets near us and hold my breath for their survival. (Life's little adventures ;>)

  3. Hard to think of all the little ones that don't make it - nature being red in tooth and claw again I suppose.

    Many of my dolphins shots could have been tagged with "just water" and the ended up in the bin!

    Stewart M - Mlebourne