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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spots and Stripes

Australian Spotted Crake, Walnut Ave, Mildura
This is the best shot I could get last night of the Spotted Crake - not great but the reflections were really interesting! I wonder how long they will stay, they have been there for at least a week now.  They look tiny when next to a Dusky Moorhen or Purple Swamp-hen. 

I'm reading The Big Year at the moment; I've been telling myself, "I'm not one of those twitchers that flys somewhere just to see a bird", until I was reminded that I flew to Melaleuca last month to see the Orange-bellied Parrot…      (not bragging or anything). 

There was also a personal connection with Melaleuca - Deny King is a relative. I also saw a Ground Parrot - this was exciting, I nearly studied them back at uni for my Honours degree but became a plover lover and studied Hooded Plovers instead. The project based on the buttongrass species turned out to be someone else's Masters project and I never would have had the bird call ID skills required!

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  1. Great sighting, I would be excited just to see this Crake! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Any photo of a Crake is beautiful! and the reflections in the water are great.

  3. Enlarging this made all the difference!
    Nice shot and cool reflections.
    Your blog is off to a good start.
    Welcome to WBW. Hope you keep joining us.

  4. I think he is enjoying his reflection. Beautiful shot, Amanda.

  5. I've never seen one of these....I like your photo of the rippling water and the reflections!!! I bet it is an interesting bird!!!

    Hope you can find a bit of time today to stop by and visit to view my collection of feathered friends this week!!

  6. Very nice capture of an elusive bird!

  7. Nice pictures of a generally secretive bird! I managed to get some good views of this species down at Werribee earlier in the year - on that day they were showing up all over the place!

    Cheers and thanks for taking part in WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne